SarahBeth Hartlage

The importance of SarahBeth Hartlage scholarship

SarahBeth Hartlage was a national merit scholar who was born and brought up in North Alabama. She had a strong love for football and science and played a significant role in historical preservation and Fine Arts. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology degree, in which she won the school’s presidential scholarship from the University of Alabama. It is the highest award among all other trophies. She also has an alumni scholarship and competed for a scholarship sponsored by doctor pepper. In 2009 she won a popular contest on national television. She focuses on public health and has a passion for keeping each patient fit and healthy.

Moreover, she is the associate medical director for the Louisville Metro Department of Public health and Wellness. She started the SarahBeth Hartlage scholarship in the year 2020 for assisting the student in achieving their career aims. She is a firm believer in the principles of work ethics, higher education, and finances.

Understand SaraBeth Hartledge scholarship for drawing benefits

Any college student or high school candidate is eligible for applying for the scholarship. College students have to get enrolled at an accredited university or college. The scholarship offers a 1000 US dollars award for esteemed and needy students. For this, they have to write an essay of 800 words on the subject, how are women changing the healthcare sector? Apart from this, candidates must have a proper understanding of the details of the scholarship:


• Contact number

• Email address

• Mailing address

• The last date of application is the 1st of April 2021. When chosen for the scholarship, the recipient will get notified via email on the 15th of April 2021. Moreover, the name of the recipient will get display on the website

• The candidates have to submit the application material along with the essay via Word document to

While applying, the following information must get furnished:

• First name and last name of the student

• High school graduation date of or anticipated date in the following format YYYY.MM.DD

• Name of the university or college that the candidate is presently enrolled, at

Financial Assistance

The candidate’s selection depends on an assessment of the essay and their academic records. Hence, candidates must have a strong educational history to avail the scholarship. Keep in mind that the scholarship provides financial assistance to students coming from impoverished economic backgrounds. Also, it is one-time prize money deliver directly to the account of the student. Be cautious that the information provided is valid and evident. The essay must be relevant and evidence-based.

SarahBeth Hartlage provides students with an opportunity to earn their education. Keep in mind that the rising tuition fees necessitate students to look for financial assistance. In addition to this, the fact that the scholarship is merit-base makes students serious about their academic life. They compete on theoretical lines to attain their educational goal. Hence, on the whole, the scholarship contributes to the overall development of the candidate.