SarahBeth Hartlage

How to apply for SarahBeth Hartlage scholarship?

SarahBeth Hartlage, who has an interest in football and science, was born in North Alabama. She was active in historical preservation and Fine Arts in her hometown and is also a national merit scholar, has authority in healthcare, and has established herself well.  You must know her as the SarahBeth Hartlage scholarship program founder, which is well known. She is adamant about the rescue of bright, young, and talented students who face financial difficulties. Students who come from a dismal socio-economic background have to go through a lot for fulfilling their dream of higher education. In this regard, deserving students can apply for the program to ease their financial stress. The candidate should be a sophomore, freshman or junior, who is register currently at a recognized college or University.

All you need to know about the eligibility criteria of the SarahBeth Hartlage scholarship program

As stated earlier, she is a renowned name in the healthcare sector and a trusted expert. The scholarship program was found in the year 2020 to assist students in achieving career goals. When it comes to eligibility, keep in mind that any high school or college student is eligible for application. However, the college student must be from an accredited university or college. Apart from this, keep the following points in mind before applying for the program

• The deadline for application is 1st of April 2021. It is a scholarship of 1000 US dollars awarded to the most deserving and excellent student. You must write an essay within 800 words on how women are changing the healthcare sector?

• The scholarship application will be personally review by SarahBeth Hartlage. The winning candidate will get notified via email on the 15th of April 2021. Also, the name of the winner will get display on the website

In addition to this, every applicant must apply, along with the essay in a word document to Also, the following points need to get furnished during application


• Mailing address

• Contact number

• Edu email address

• First and last name of the candidate

• High school graduation date or anticipated graduation date in YYYY.MM.DD format

• For current college students name of the University or college, they are currently following

Technology Integration

The winner will get an award base on the evaluation of the essay and the candidate’s information. For achieving the scholarship, students must be innovative in their application essay, which has to be evidence-based. Also, keep in mind that the grant provider participates in working groups that research gender equality in medicine. It reflects her sincere interest in both education and technology integration. She wants to use her expertise to provide high-quality care for individuals to serve the native country.

Also, she is instrumental in improving health education and literacy level. She is also associate with different international institutes. She was an officer of the Anaesthesia interest group. Holds membership of these councils that work extensively in the field of child welfare.